Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Review – Oversized Grip Improves Feel

Super Stroke has been a famous putter grip in the past few years. To start off the first post of Putter Grips Insider, I am going to introduce you one of the featured putter grips of Super Stroke, that is the Super Stroke Slim 3.0. Its revolutionary combination of the non-tapered design and shape of the grip offers you a chance to improve the feel when you are holding a putter.

Who will benefit from Super Stroke Slim 3.0

  • Super Stroke offers more than 7 colors for Slim 3.0.
    People who miss their putts – You will be able to putt with high accuracy and repeatedly with the help of it.
  • People who want to try a larger grip size – Conventional grips are generally smaller in size and tapered along the length of the grip, which lead to uneven grip pressure and twisting of wrist. A grip having larger grip size will provide you a different feel of your grip.

Key Features of the Grip

  • Non tapered – The non tapered construction of the grip is different from tapered conventional grip such that grip pressure is even distributed. No matter where you hold the grip, you will get the same feel, making your putt more consistent and repeatable.

  • Oversized grip – Although it is larger than conventional grips, it is not enormous and is comfortable to grip. Hands wrap or overlap to a much lesser extent on the grip.

  • Ergonomic cross section – The cross section of the grip comprises a round and a flat portion. This can prevent the user from twisting the ball striking face during putting.

Patented Technology


Patented Super Stroke Slim

Super Stroke is a company which put much emphasis on R&D of putter grips. Super Stroke Slim 3.0 is covered by one of the company’s patent portfolio. The US Patent 6.626,768 B2 covers the key features of the grip mentioned above.

As you can see in the drawing on the right which is extracted from the patent, Super Stroke has successfully sought protection on its 1) non tapered technology and 2) the specially designed cross section of the grip.

What I like about this grip

The patented technology has been successful in that it eliminates involuntary movement of hands or wrists, so that golfers can be more confident to a consistent and repeatable putt. 

In addition, one third of the grip tension is reduced with the use of Super Stroke 3.0 when compared with conventional smaller grips, which undoubtedly leads to improvement of putting accuracy.

Why choose Super Stroke Slim 3.0 over other sizes

If you do not have the experience of changing grip size, Slim 3.0 is a suitable choice for you to start with.

In the Slim Series, Super Stroke provides 3 grips alternative to Slim 3.0 and their sizes and weights are shown in the picture below.

I recommend Slim 3.0 for golfers with average hand size or did not try oversized grip before.

The size of Slim 3.0 is intermediate the Ultra Slim 1.0 and Fatso 5.0. If you want to experience the effect of changing grip size, it is advised to try Slim 3.0 because Ultra Slim 1.0 is close to the size of conventional grip and Fatso 5.0 may be a big change for you such that there may be a longer learning period for some golf users. We will discuss the learning period of Super Stroke Slim 3.0 in the next section.

It is also advised that people having average size hands go to Slim 3.0 first.

Learning Period of Super Stroke Slim 3.0

Due to its large diameter compared to the conventional putter grips, there may be a learning period to adapt to the size and shape of the grip. The learning period varies from person to person.

When a golfer starts changing from a conventional smaller grip to Slim 3.0 grip, the golfer may feel uncomfortable and odd. However, it is said that the learning period of Super Stroke Slim 3.0 is generally about a couple of rounds. During the putting practice, you may need to do some swing or grip adjustments when necessary in order to adapt to the new grip.

Learning period is not that scary – Don’t worry about the learning period. You will see the fantastic effect of better grip feel with Slim 3.0 and the subsequent improvement in putting accuracy.


With its patent technology and the effect of limiting hands and wrists movement during putting, Super Stroke Slim 3.0 is recognized and have a high ratingn among both professional and amateur players. Famous golfers such as Jason Dufner has put it on his putter.

You will definitely see how Super Stroke Slim 3.0 brings change to the way you hold the grip and improved feel and putting accuracy.

What do you think about the Super Stroke Slim 3.0 or other models in the series having different sizes? Leave you comments below to share your views.

Super Stroke Slim 3.0




YIPS Elimination







  • Improves feel
  • Non tapered and specially designed shape eliminates wrist movement
  • The size is suitable for users having average hand size
  • Relatively low price


  • There may be a learning period for conventional grip users

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